Adapt, Grow, and Prosper

Too often, companies immediately focus on changing the comp plan or their software provider when they run into slow growth or startup challenges. We know that a broader brush is often needed to paint the right solution. Our business consulting services help you plan, implement and manage the change your organization requires to adapt, grow and prosper. We provide an exceptional range of experience, depth and breadth of talent that we match to the unique needs of every client and engagement. And we bring to every engagement a fresh perspective and innovative spirit that consistently delivers exceptional results and value. Contact us for more information.

Software Selection

We bring to every engagement a fresh perspective that consistently delivers exceptional results and value.While the core values of direct selling have not changed, technology continues to change at a fast pace. We believe that technology’s role in direct selling is to make it easier to do business. Companies can confuse this with providing every new widget that's available. This does not work, can be expensive, and simply adds to confusion for the new consultant. Allow us to help identify your business needs and we will be able to find the right technology fit for your company. We'll work with you to find the best software providers, then help you to understand the total cost of ownership and how to maximize the benefits to the field.

Compensation Plan Review

Compensation comes in many forms, and we will look at your compensation plan, incentive program, and/or Hostess Plan (for those companies utilizing the Party Plan business model). There are five key principles to every successful compensation plan, although the distribution of these principles will vary for each company based on their stage in the business life cycle.

  • Retailing - Sell products to end customers
  • Recruiting - Build organizations
  • Build Managers - People who train others to sell and recruit
  • Build Sales Leaders - People who train others to manage
  • Retention - Maintain the people who invested in their dreams

Optimize Your Existing Technology

Technology is supposed to help your business. We work closely with your team and providers to make sure you are maximizing its value. By understanding your immediate challenges we can work on solutions, then focus on the long-term goals of the company and establish budgets and resource requirements necessary to execute success.

Optimize Operations

We work with management to understand the company’s vision and make sure your processes are in line with this vision. It is important that your processes make it easy for distributors and consultants to do business. By streamlining your operations, you can afford to allocate more of your money to reward those behaviors that are critical for success. By reducing the administration time for the distributors and consultants, you essentially increase their "hourly rate". Of course, when distributors and consultants make more money they're more apt to advertise your opportunity, increasing recruiting. By understanding your immediate business challenges, we can help you eliminate waste in the workflow.

Implementing New Technology

Implementing technology in the direct selling industry can be a difficult process because most people simply do not have the experience or time. Our methodologies can save you time and money by focusing your resources on the most important tasks in order to decrease the implementation time. We can help by establishing and managing the implementation plan for your technology and raining your users on the technology and industry best practices.

Revolution's Rep Tools

Your distributors and consultants get an extra leg up with the robust suite of tools offered by Revolution. Social networking, video presentations, calendars, event listings, downline messaging, personal and downline activity notifications, lead management, personal and organization orders, order tracking, and and autoship management are among the many features available with the Revolution Back Office.
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"Once we began using Freedom, we found that, for the first time in two years, we could focus on building the business and not on systems issues. The conversion was as painless as possible, and since then we have gradually used ByDesign’s custom programming to make the system fit our needs more and more exactly."

Michael J. Collins,

Replicated Sites

Self-replicating websites provide a professionally designed web presence that your distributors and consultants can promote and market. You control content of these websites, protecting your image while meeting the needs of your distributors and consultants.
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Distributor/Consultant Extranet

It's no secret that empowering your distributors and consultants to do business online saves you time and money. With Freedom's Extranet, distributors and consultants can check genealogies, sponsor new reps, place orders, and more.
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