Start a Revolution

Introducing a new way to maximize the potential of your sales force: Revolution distributor & consultant tools. Delivering business building mechanisms that take productivity to the next level, Revolution puts the ability to increase sales, maximize recruiting, and boost retention in your hands. Schedule a demo today!


A Complete Mobile and Internet-based Back Office

Much more than a mobile app, Revolution is the next generation of communication for the direct sales industry. Revolution delivers a robust desktop-internet based back office that distributors and consultants love, adds smartphone mobile access for productivity on the go, and tops it off with an iPhone app boasting hot additional features!

  • Robust web-based interface
  • Mobile web application
  • Branded to your look and feel
  • Full featured back office
  • Corporate videos and presentations
  • Social networking integration
  • Alerts to increase sales and retention
Apps, web tools, mobile access.

Push Your Notifications

Lead capture
Social Networks
Realtime Volume

Other industry tools use a passive notification system, requiring distributors and consultants to take an active role in checking their personal and organizational status.

Utilizing push notification, Revolution turns the passive model on its head with active alerts for the information your sales force needs.

Send key indicators to help someone achieve the next level. Alert to new activity, including orders, consultants sponsored, parties booked, and rank achievements. Leverage the power of social networking giants Twitter and Facebook with corporate control of available feeds. Accomplish all of this with alerts and SMS messaging that push information to the field.

Revolution gives your field all this and more:


Social Networking

Corporate controlled integration with social networks like Twitter and Facebook keep the field informed.


Downloadable corporate-provided videos and slideshows for instant presentations.

Calendars & Events

View corporate and upline events, create and publish events for their organization.


Send email blasts to their entire organization, select groups, or individuals.


View downline and customer details, see activity timeline, and send messages to the organization.


Explore commissions, bonuses, volumes, and adjustments.


View upcoming and past parties, guests, bookings, and see rewards earned.


Get upline and corporate messages as well as personal and downline activity notifications.


Enter leads and schedule followups, send them presentations and messages.


Browse personal and organization orders, track shipments, and email invoices.


See autoship details and dates at both the personal and organizational levels.