MLM Software Solutions

More Value For Your Investment

More than a decade ago ByDesign set the standard in the direct sales industry by creating the first completely web-based Multi Level Marketing (MLM) software solution, Freedom. Since then, ByDesign has remained the leader in the direct sales, network marketing and MLM software space through continued investment and innovation in our product offerings. We understand every client is unique and one-size fits all software solutions will not meet the needs of today’s multi-billion dollar industry.

The variety of our client base speaks to the flexibility and the creative solutions provided by the ByDesign team. With each and every install our goal is to insure the MLM software solution we supply is a perfect fit and is more akin to a completely custom solution than an off the shelf product.

ByDesign’s software solutions provide the features that make the most expensive software providers jealous, but at price points to make low-end software providers with half the features ask “How do they do it?” We are confident you will not find a MLM software solution that provides More Value For Your Investment.

MLM Corporate Back Office

Whether you are a MLM, direct sales or a party plan company, Freedom is the backbone of your corporate operations.

ByDesign is known worldwide for its powerful commissions engine, Freedom includes all of these features and more, for one price:

  • Distributor/Consultant Management
  • Order Entry
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • ACH/Direct Deposit
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Check Writing
  • Replicated Website Suppport
  • AutoShip
  • Commission Processing
  • Shipping Fulfillment
  • 1099s
  • Over 500 Reports

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Distributor/Consultant Back Office

The back office empowers your distributors and consultants to work efficiently online.

Features include:

  • Distributor/Consultant Sponsoring
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • AutoShip Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Check Register Reports
  • Commission Statements
  • Real-time Volumes
  • Order Tracking
  • Profile Management
  • Graphical Downlines
  • And More

A Complete Mobile and Internet-based Back Office

Much more than a mobile app, Revolution is the next generation of communication for MLM software. Revolution enhances Freedom's robust desktop-internet based back office distributors love. In addition it gives your field the tools need for productivity on the go. Revolution's MLM software features works with iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Windows Mobile phones and more.

  • Robust web-based interface
  • Mobile web application
  • iPhone & iPad native applications
  • Branded to your look and feel
  • Corporate videos and presentations
  • Social networking integration
  • Full featured back office
  • Alerts to increase sales and retention

While we worked to create the perfect MLM software solution, we understand the needs of our clients are as diverse as the products and services they provide. Our MLM software’s robust and powerful foundation makes it scalable and flexible. As your needs grow and change, we work with your team to design and build the perfect software solution to fit your needs.

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MLM Software Features

• MLM, direct sales, party plan

• Web-based architecture

• Powerful commission engine

• Trouble-free upgrades

• Automatic monthly orders

• Ecommerce

• Replicated websites

• Support tickets


The core of any online business is order management. Our MLM Software solutions offer easy to use and fully versatile data entry with flexible payment through ACH, electronic checks, credit cards and more!

All MLM Comp Plans Supported

  • Binary
  • Unilevel
  • Matrix
  • Party plan
  • Coding groups
  • 2-Up
  • Hybrids
  • Stairstep breakaway
  • Generational
  • Custom designs

Our Software Makes MLM Bonuses Simple

  • Calculations made simple
  • Revenue and payout comparisons
  • Pre-calculation tools
  • Supports multiple payout methods
  • Generate printed checks
  • Fastest commission engine in the industry
  • International currency support for payouts for companies operating in multiple countries

AutoShip Management

Our AutoShip module comes fully loaded with payment options for Credit Cards, ACH and Check Drafts. No more spending all day on AutoShip. You click the button...the orders get charged and then are ready to be sent to the shipping department for fulfillment. It's really that easy!


Ship your products however you want, wherever you want. You can track orders using the Freedom linking system and while you are at it, offer your customers as many shipment options as you wish.