Party Plan Software Solutions

ByDesign Technologies is a leader in providing innovative party plan software solutions. Our party plan software is being used today by a wide range of companies, from some of the most creative start-ups to those listed in the direct sales industry’s top five.

We understand party plan companies have different needs than MLM (multi-level marketing) and direct sales companies. We have built in many of these features out of the box.

Corporate Back Office

Known worldwide for its powerful commissions engine, our party plan solution includes all of these features and more:

  • Party Plan Host / Hostess Tracking
  • Party Plan Guest Tracking
  • Party Plan Bookings
  • Party Plan Shows
  • Party Plan Hostess Rewards
  • Party Plan Evites
  • Support Tickets
  • And More

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Consultant Back Office

ByDesign’s party plan software Consultant Back Office empowers your field to work efficiently online with features like:

  • Consultant Sponsoring
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • AutoShip Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Check Register Reports
  • Commission Statements
  • Real-time Volumes
  • Order Tracking
  • Profile Management
  • Graphical Downlines
  • Customer Reports
  • And More

Essential Communications

With ByDesign’s innovative communication platform, Revolution, your consultants can work remotely from just about any place in the world.

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ByDesign’s software gives party companies the tools you need to manage your business and allows you to focus on your success plan. Our Corporate Back Office is known worldwide for its powerful commissions and industry-leading features like:

  • Distributor/Consultant Management
  • Order Entry
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • ACH/Direct Deposit
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Check Writing
  • Replicated Website Support
  • AutoShip
  • Commission Processing
  • Shipping Fulfillment
  • 1099s
  • Over 500 Reports
  • And more

While we worked to create the perfect party solution we understand the needs of our clients are as diverse as the products and services they provide. Our software’s robust and powerful foundation makes it scalable and flexible. As your needs grow and change we can work with your team to design and build customizations to fit your needs.

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Party Plan Features

• Hostess tracking

• Guest tracking

• Bookings

• Shows

• Facebook & Virtual Parties

• Hostess rewards

• Evites

• Support tickets


The core of any online business is order management. Our Party Plan Software solution offers easy to use and fully versatile data entry with flexible payment through ACH, electronic checks, credit cards and more!


Our party software makes calculating commissions simple and supports various payout methods.

  • Revenue and payout comparisons
  • Pre-calculation tools
  • Generate printed checks
  • Fastest commission engine in the industry
  • International currency support for payouts for companies operating in multiple countries

Consultant and Customer Management Software

Freedom’s enhanced administrative menu equips your customer service staff with the right tools to effortlessly manage your organization.


Ship your products however you want, wherever you want. You can track orders using the Freedom linking system and while you are at it, offer your customers as many shipment options as you wish.